Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Pencil It IN

Some days, okay--most days, I look in the mirror and can barely recognize myself.
I mean that in the best way.

But, really, who am I? (by the way, the picture above is from about 3 years ago)

Today, for example, I am wearing a pencil skirt, and a blousy shirt tucked in.

The point of this is, basically, that my bffl (no, seriously, we've been besties since 8th grade and are still going strong), Suzy is a fabulous graphic-novellista and everyone and their sister ought to be talking about how effing clever she is.

Suzy X. in Paris perfectly captures the homesickness, the bummed-about-money-ness, the learning-to-love-the-shit-out-of-the-time-your-having and the this-could-only-happen-here-ness of a summer in Paris.

I adore Suzy, I adore this lil' book. And you should all go give it a long, lingering glance and know that some day, she's going to be a Big Deal. At which point, you can thank your lucky stars (and Me) that you got to see her "when."

And, PS--go check out her blog. It's wonderful, too!


Suzanne Exposito said...

Awww awww awww
You're making me blush like whoaaaa. Thank you so much!

I need to draw one of us some time... Then and now, it would be GREAT.


Rozzie said...

Of course I don't know who you are really - but I do know you're very beautiful indeed ...!