Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The opposite of lame.

Tonight, in a very un-Monday sort of way, I stopped being lazy and went down to the Tribeca Barnes & Noble to hear Ben Greenman's last reading for Please Step Back.

If I think real hard, I can sort-of remember when Lauren Cerand had some copies up for grabs. I wish I'd gotten one, but if I had, I probably still wouldn't have read it (I have six books on rotation, currently...I'm not mad about it). So, anyway, I'm glad I got to see him read from the book for 5 minutes and 22 seconds (or less). From the little bit I heard, it sounds like Please Step Back is my kind of book. I don't know that the 1960s and 1970s, or funk music for that matter, get nearly enough love in fiction--all the polyester, maybe?

I like the idea of an era that's always seemed a little fluffy, to me, being juxtaposed against heavy, well-written, darkness and music (one of my top 5 favorite things in existence. ever). [Also, brains featured in the reading--just sayin'. If you're into brains, know that they are mentioned at least once in Please Step Back] Maybe. I only heard a little bit, but I promise I will get around to reading it before summer's over, because I know it's gonna be great.

Other things that made tonight the absolute opposite of lame:
+Lauren Cerand--the best--in tiger-stripes and great shoes (you can't see them in the pic, but they're there--blue and gold, I think). We split a burger and had an excellent conversation (where I learned much, as always). She also introduced me to some wonderful people (see below).
+Stealing(ish) hummus and carrots from my new style icon Lauren Elkin of Maitresse (Paris! Tokyo! New York! Hong Kong! Fabulous Dress!). Twitter 3D. Or something. I am going to Paris, ASAP.
+Meeting Ben Greenman (author of Please Step Back, if I didn't say that before). He asked me a lot of questions, but I'm not mad about it--flattered, actually.
+Todd of Opium magazine (which I must--and you must--take a look at soon), and Literary Deathmatch (amazing? apparently.), interviewing Greenman--hilarious. With a special appearance by Dan Rollman, last seen (by me) at Amanda Stern's Happy Ending Reading Series (I am an intern. Surprise!)
+My SHIRLEY TEMPLE! Clearly, this was the true highlight of the night, even if it was more soda water than anything else. Every time I drink one (only on special occasions, since kindergarten graduation), I'm reminded of being in Steak & Ale--where I had the first one. As a five-year-old, the cheesy wood paneling and hunting prints looked so classy--like an old gentleman's library...with a salad bar.

Then I came home and swabbed my mouth with some Q-Tips so that I can be added to the Be the Match bone marrow donor registry. You know, for mama.

Photo by Todd Zuniga, initially, and then I took it from Lux Lotus.


Alec Niedenthal said...

hey megan, i met you last night at the event "please step back" that was detailed in your blog post, i am an "intern" at opium magazine

Dubitatio said...

hey megan, ditto!

Glen Binger said...

I like Ben's readings. He is pretty down to earth.