Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Love train.

I am really trying to post almost every day. Today's post, originally meant to be about letter-writing, had to be put on the shelf because my camera doesn't have enough energy to share pictures with my computer. My camera and I are in a similar state of life, right now, I think.

Anyway, I really like looking at engagement and wedding photos. I was telling Lauren last night, that I just want to have a huge party where I can wear a fabulous dress and eat good food and have people toast me. A wedding, but without a man...or a marriage. I mean, that would be nice, obviously---but not necessary. Not right now. But, the point is, I don't care if it's creepy--I like looking through the portfolios of wedding photographers and seeing:
A) Who is a good photographer
B) Who makes a good couple

These railroad engagement photos are far too common, I think, and don't do a very good job of showing off either the talents of the photographer or the personality of the couple. And what are they trying to say?
+"We have climbed aboard the love train."
+"Our love/engagement/relationship is so perfect/safe/isolating that we will put ourselves in moral peril and be completely fine with that." [Train tracks. Hello.]
+Perhaps railroad tracks are meant to be "homey"--this couple can't possibly be stuck-up, because they're walking down railroad tracks together, displaying the kind of small-town charm heretofore only seen on Dawson's Creek.
+Foretelling a train wreck of a marriage?

Also, I feel like the railroad thing is so overdone at this point that, while it may have been inventive and edgy or something at first, it's become a trademark of Cady & Cady-type wedding photographers. [Was that reference too region-specific? My bad. I'm sure every city has an equivalent. They train people to take kind-of-good photos, but the poses and settings are so same-y...boring.] Apologies to the First Photographer Ever to Think Up Railroad Tracks as a Plausible/Appropriate Setting for Wedding and Engagement Photographs--I'm sure a clever person like yourself will think up something even more creative, if you already haven't.

Sorry to any of my friends who have had, or will have, railroad tracks featuring in their engagement announcements. [Most of] This post was meant in jest.

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jtb5656 said...

'They TRAIN people to take kind-of-good photos, but the poses and settings are so same-y...boring."